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South Temiskaming Salutes


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Marc D Day.jpg

Marc Dessureault

Marc Dessureault is the

2020 CJTT FM Citizen of the Year.


Marc had a vision, to pull his friends and neighbours out of the darkness of 2020 and get them moving into 2021 with a smile on their masked faces. Ending the year on a positive note, with a collective fireworks display coordinated by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters around Lake Temiskaming, was a creative and innovative initiative that raised big donations for two local charities. $16,766 was given to the Canadian Mental Health Association and its clients in the South Temiskaming area. $27,251 was donated to Community Cancer Care.

In all, Marc’s bright idea raised spirits and over

44 thousand dollars for New Years Eve 2020.

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Tina Sartoretto Day.jpg

Tina Sartoretto

Peter Nietlispach and Colleen Pender

Peter and Colleen Day.jpg

The family of Tina Sartoretto receives the

2020 CJTT FM Posthumous Lifetime Achievement award.


Tina could have quietly enjoyed her retirement, travelling and relaxing in her later years, but that was not her style. Instead, after retiring from College Boreal, she returned to her beloved Cobalt and created a legacy that will forever have an impact on the town.


It was Tina’s tireless work and commitment that spurred Agnico Eagle into creating one of the largest funds at The Temiskaming Foundation – providing grants to the Paul Penna (Cobalt) Library, the Cobalt Mining Museum. The Bunker Military Museum, the Classic Theatre, and the Heritage Silver Trail. Tina also spearheaded the Historic Cobalt Legacy Fund that supported the Cobalt Golden Age Club, St. Pat’s Breakfast Program and the Cobalt High School Reunion Project – to name a few.  

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albert sartoretto cjtt posthumous award march 42020 Posthumous Lifeftime Achievement
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Bikers Reunion Day.jpg

Biker's Reunion Committee

The 2020 CJTT FM Lifetime Achievement award goes to The Biker’s Reunion Committee.

During the 15 years the event was held, it mesmerized our community, created a national buzz, and raised almost 2 million dollars for Community Cancer Care. Since the committee’s retirement 3 ½ years ago, the Biker’s Reunion fund has donated another half million dollars including additional support to the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation.


The Biker’s Reunion Committee promised to see their investments provide donations in perpetuity, estimating they will donate over five million dollars. The Biker’s Reunion Committee consists of – France Gauthier, Marty Maille, Real Toupin, Martin Drainville, Sylvie Comier-Rivard, Ron Rivard, Joanne Webster, Ted Webster, Jack Birtch, Gayle McNaughton, Fred Kendall, Natalie Rivard, Barry Phippen.

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BARRY PHIPPEN audio2020 Lifetime Presentation
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Peter and Colleen Day.jpg

Peter Nietlispach & Colleen Pender

Peter Nietlispach and Colleen Pender are the

2019 CJTT FM Citizens of the Year.

Peter and Colleen are the organizers of the Temagami Country Christmas.  They originally started it six years ago as a way to give thanks to the community.  From the start it has been a free event for all area families to enjoy, but it was an event that almost did not happen in 2019. 

The work involved in bringing the Temagami Country Christmas to life had become too big to continue – but then the Temagami Lions Club, Temagami Chamber of Commerce, and other volunteers stepped forward.  Over 2,000 visitors attended the Friday/Saturday night event in 2019.  729 children received toys along with hot chocolate and soup.  People attended from the City of Temiskaming Shores and area as well as Quebec, Earlton, North Bay, Guelph, and Kitchener – acknowledging the Temagami Country Christmas as an important seasonal event.

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7:30A Peter & Colleen2019 Citizen Winners
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Peter Ramsay Day Day.jpg

Peter Ramsay

Peter RamsayRamsay 7:30A Chat
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The family of Peter Ramsay receives the 2019 CJTT FM Posthumous Lifetime Achievement award.


Peter was the founder of the Temiskaming Foundation.  While many people have contributed to its development and success, it was Peter’s vision in the 1990s that brought it to life.  Peter was also the driving force behind “The Friends of the Waterfront”. 


Through his many years as an active member and his tenure as President of the New Liskeard Kiwanis Club, Peter recognized the critical importance that a formal plan would have in ensuring the future existence of this important green space.  Another group that benefited from Peter’s interest and wisdom is Community Living Temiskaming South.  He served as Chair of the Admissions’ Committee for 15 years.  As a career lawyer, Peter shared his expertise with many other groups, offering pro-bono work that they could not afford otherwise.  Peter truly believed in bettering our community and is a worthy recipient of this award. 

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Martin Drainville Day.jpg

Martin Drainville

The 2019 CJTT FM Lifetime Achievement

award acknowledges the ongoing talents and community involvement of Martin Drainville.


Martin donates countless hours and his own audio equipment to fundraising efforts and musical and cultural events in our area.  He shared and continues to share his skills with the Biker’s Reunion Committee, Village Noel, Artem, Haileybury Centennial Committee, Fundraiser on the Fairway - to name a few, and as a long-time Board Trustee with the Northeastern Catholic District School Board. 


Martin donates his time as a sound technician and his equipment to the weekly Temiskaming Art Gallery’s Art in the Park presentations on the Haileybury Waterfront and the first North on Tap fundraiser.  He was also part of the Quality Time Show Fundraiser for Camp Quality for 10 years. Martin mentors other musicians, takes on many roles as a Director for the Classic Theatre Cobalt, and shares his love of music every chance he gets!

Martin Drainville2019 Lifetime Achievement
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