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               ON AIR

        MARC & JACK 

                       6 a.m. - noon    

**want this to go on automatically with schedule


February 17, 2015

This information is added on the News page and will appear on the Home page as the Teaser. Information in this box is for the teaser only. On the News page there is a spot for the continuing storey, photo gallery and the bio and photo for the newscaster. We can add a button to this page instead of a menu at the top. All pages can be buttons. Makes no dif visually but allows us to keep better control of site elements!

Sports Booster

March 15, 2013

The information is being added on the Sports page by the Sports Guy! This information ends up on the front page as it's entered on this page. It does not show up in the menu at all.

Community Calendar

April 22, 2013

I would liek this page to have the top three events from our Community Calendar that Shika could edit at her leisure. Also on this page we would liek to include links to Community programs, liek the Classic Theatre and local pet rescue and the guidelines on how to get an event on our Community Calendar.


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